Book launch: Higher education and regional growth

Local contexts and global challenges

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11:30 am - 1:00 pm

British Academy
10-11 Carlton House Terrace

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It is well over 150 years since John Henry Newman delivered a series of lectures reflecting on the very purpose of a university. In 1852 he published the classic work, The Idea of a University, broadly defining these institutions as communities of thinkers, engaging in intellectual pursuits not for any external purpose, but as an end in itself.

Modern day universities operate in economic landscapes that would be fundamentally unrecognisable to a mid-19th century scholar. With the pressure to become more ‘market driven’ and their place in a feircelely competitive global setting, the higher education sector in Britian is grappling with challenges on a scale previously unseen. Higher education is also increasingly regarded, in some European countries and regions, as an economic sector in itself, whereby the measure of success lies in the ability to attract international students and set up international partnerships. Universities need therefore to find successful strategies responding to global challenges and fitting local contexts.

But the sector also faces huge opportunities. The specialisation, knowledge and innovation brought about by universities continue to play an increasingly important role in delivering economic successes in cities and regions.

Join Policy Network for the launch of this new edited volume, where we will be joined by a distinguished panel of individuals who are or have been at the heart of universities policy in the UK. We seek to further explore the themes of the book, examining the changing role of universities in a globally competitive environment and the way in which they interact with the regional business and policy community.

Copies of the book will be freely distributed at the event.




This event is held in partnership with the Samuel Lindow Foundation and UCLan

The Samuel Lindow Foundation is an independent educational charity. The Foundation works with its education partner and member, the University of Central Lancashire, to conduct and publish research into real problems facing real people in the real world. These roundtable events help the Foundation meet its charitable objects, by drawing on expertise in the policy community in its ongoing research and by disseminating the work and thereby advancing the education of the public.