Community capital: The value of connected communities

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12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Policy Network
11 Tufton Street
3rd Floor

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The “Connected Communities” approach adopts an asset-based philosophy to community engagement, focusing on the strengths available to each local community while acknowledging their needs. Through co-production, this approach aims to empower communities to better understand themselves, address their own problems in partnership with other organisations, and realise opportunities and aspirations.

The “Connected Communities” approach uses an innovative and inclusive methodology as a means of building community capital. This involves training community researchers to survey local communities, and holding community playback sessions, providing community members with the opportunity to discuss the results, and work together in the co-production of an intervention project.

Join us at this roundtable seminar as we discuss research being conducted at UCLan using this approach, exploring its aims of strengthening community assets and developing social value.

A sandwich lunch will be provided

This event is held in partnership with the Samuel Lindow Foundation and UCLan

The Samuel Lindow Foundation is an independent educational charity. The Foundation works with its education partner and member, the University of Central Lancashire, to conduct and publish research into real problems facing real people in the real world. These roundtable events help the Foundation meet its charitable objects, by drawing on expertise in the policy community in its ongoing research and by disseminating the work and thereby advancing the education of the public.