Measuring tomorrow’s work and economy — Paris paper launch

An exchange of ideas on the study's findings and recommendations

Event Details
8:30 am -

Dropbox France
Espace Coworking WOJO
5th Floor, 16 Rue Washington
75008 Paris


Barry Colfer, head of publications, Policy Network

Nicolas Colin, co-founder and director, The Family


Nicolas D’Arcy, director of public affairs, Dropbox France

The future of work is often narrowly understood as automation and the replacement of human labour or as the ‘platformisation’ of work in the gig economy. Yet, the impact of new technologies on the workplace are much more complex as the digital transformation fundamentally changes the nature of the economy, how firms are organising themselves, and how people work and collaborate to create value.

In a joint study by Das Progressive Zentrum and Policy Network, we have spoken to around 50 renowned policy makers, business leaders, researchers and civil society actors in France, Germany, the United Kingdom as well as in Brussels, for a European perspective. These conversations provide interesting insights and new impulses for the debate on the influence of new technologies on the economy and the world of work. The project was supported by the collaboration platform Dropbox. Together with you and our guest speakers, we want to discuss the most important findings of the study and suggested recommendations. We kindly invite you to join this exchange.