#NextGeneration British-German relations

Don’t think it’s all over

Event Details
4:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Alte Feuerwache, Berlin

Image credit / Das Progressives Zentrum

Come and join us for a half-day dialogue event where we will hold exciting workshop sessions and develop fresh concepts to promote future British-German relations. Make your voice heard and contribute to the development of new cultural relations programmes designed to support young people as we move into the post-Brexit age. You will also get the opportunity to present your ideas to a panel of cultural leaders and thinkers.

The British Council, Das Progressive Zentrum and Policy Network are interested in hearing and promoting your ideas for fostering cultural exchange between the United Kingdom, Germany and Europe on 19 November 2018, from 16.30-21.30 at Alte Feuerwache in the centre of Berlin.

We will host five workshops exploring different themes on how to keep the UK, Germany and Europe closely together:

  • Culture, art and media;
  • Science and education;
  • Creative economy;
  • The environment and sustainability;
  • And the Internet generation.

After the workshop session you will also get the opportunity to present your ideas to a panel of cultural leaders and thinkers.

Among others, discussing with you will be:

  • Léontine Meijer-van Mensch (Chair, program director and deputy director, Jewish Museum Berlin)
  • Jon Worth (Berlin-based blogger and journalist)
  • Mari Mittelhaus (Head of office, deutsch-britische Gesellschaft e.V.).

Register for the event

You can sign up here and share your initial ideas with us by putting in words your thoughts on the following questions: how can the UK and Germany stay united after Brexit? What are you most concerned about? And how can we create a better future together?

We will publish a selection of these contributions on our website to get the conversation going. So stay tuned for further details and latest news! To share your thoughts on this workshop and the topic in general on Twitter, please use #UKGermany2018.

The British Council is the United Kingdom’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities. This event is part of its UK/Germany 2018 season, a dynamic, year-long programme exploring and celebrating cultural connections between the UK and Germany. To stay up to date with the British Council’s latest news and events sign up to their newsletter.


4:30 pm


5:00 pm

Welcome by the British Council, Policy Network and Das Progressive Zentrum

5:10 pm

Framing the dialogue event: what next for British-German relations?

5:30 pm

Five breakout workshop sessions

7:30 pm

Coffee, tea and drinks

8:00 pm

Big ideas session: debating your ideas with cultural leaders and thinkers

9:15 pm

Closure of the dialogue event