What people want: Achieving public value in policies and projects

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12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Policy Network
11 Tufton Street
3rd Floor

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This roundtable will explore public value, and its identification, realisation and optimisation in the design and implementation of complex, large-scale projects and policies.

This event is based upon work in the Applied Policy Science Unit (APSU) of the University of Central Lancashire, which is developing a practical, policy-relevant approach to public value that is portable and scalable across a range of sectors and settings.

Though public value is a concept widely used in politics, policy and practice to describe outputs and outcomes, there exists a lack of clarity about what public value actually is from both practical and theoretical standpoints. APSU’s emerging approach is based upon the universal concept of values, those things conceived by individuals as desirable and forceful in decisions, attitudes and behaviour; and upon the fact that the realisation of these values is derived largely from interactions in the public sphere.

Grounded in scholarship and based upon a range of real-world case studies of large-scale projects this work focuses upon designing a robust, reliable and defensible approach to measuring, monitoring and optimising public value. Our aim is to provide both an operational tool for management, as well as a framework against which projects policies and programmes may be judged both proactively and retrospectively.


  • Rick Wylie, Samuel Lindow academic director, UCLan
  • Stephen Haraldsen, research fellow, UCLan
  • Alan Lockey, head of modern economy, Demos
  • Tess Kidney-Bishop, researcher and author of “how to value infrastructure”, Institute for Government
  • Kai-Uwe Schrogl, chief strategy officer, European Space Agency

A sandwich lunch will be provided

This event is held in partnership with the Samuel Lindow Foundation and UCLan

The Samuel Lindow Foundation is an independent educational charity. The Foundation works with its education partner and member, the University of Central Lancashire, to conduct and publish research into real problems facing real people in the real world. These roundtable events help the Foundation meet its charitable objects, by drawing on expertise in the policy community in its ongoing research and by disseminating the work and thereby advancing the education of the public.